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Dynamic Bracing Solutions

New Hope for Those Affected by Neuromuscular Diseases

Until recently, the only options for patients with physical disabilities were conventional bracing systems and wheelchairs, unable to solve the individuals' true mechanical needs. Now, a new treatment option, called DynamicBracingSolutions™, can improve balance, security and efficiency to improve mobility. Most importantly, DBS helps prevent further damage to other parts of their body by limiting or eliminating over compensation and can aid in correcting some deformities. Most patients also report the reduction of pain, giving them the ability to improve their daily routines.

The new orthotic support system offers dynamic balance by supporting skeletal segments in all three dimensions. The system restores dynamic functions to improve the patient's ability to walk more efficiently.

The data collected over the past ten years has shown that improvement in walking can be achieved through the use of this technology, by accommodating patients' individual needs. Once DBS's dynamic and functional solutions are applied, in time they have the potential to function at a higher level with less dependence on caregivers. These patients can now resume many of their daily activities.

DynamicBracingSolutions™ exceed all standard types of orthoses in terms of measurable results. DBS differs from conventional orthoses by applying all of the necessary corrective forces with innovative designs using advanced materials that allow for static balance and dynamic response. To optimize balance and efficiency, all of the corrective forces are required, not just a few.


Benefits of Dynamic Bracing Solutions

  • Better Balance

  • Less Fatigue

  • Increased Potentials

  • More Natural Gait Pattern

  • Improvement in Mobility and Quality of Life

  • Better Efficiency, Less Energy

  • Dynamic Response Energy Return Designs

  • Reduced Falls

  • Less Compensatory Arm Movement

DBS offers structural alignment improvement, which is the basis for better balance, security, mobility, and decreases the progression of future deformities. It has been proven to decrease the incidence of falls. With better structural alignment, joint surfaces and ligaments benefit from reduced stress and long-term protection. Check out the button below for more in-depth information and research on the Dynamic Bracing Solutions Orthosis!

Dynamic Bracing Solutions Homepage

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What is Included with Our Complete Dynamic Bracing Solutions Orthotic Package?

  • Advanced Triplanar Management techniques used in proprietary casting, design engineering, and alignment processes
  • In-depth video gait analysis
  • Before and after brace comparison
  • Continuous progress tracking at follow up appointments
  • 2-4 hour consultation, evaluation and casting
  • Design Engineering
  • 2-4 hour Fitting Appointment
  • 2 hour Day 2 Follow Up
  • 1 hour Day 3 Follow Up
  • 6 additional 1-hour sessions of orthotic training, gait optimization and follow-ups
  • Specialized alignment for sport-specific and high-intensity activities
  • Optional pre- and post-fitting patho-mechanical report



Watch Lives Transformed With DBS


Spastic Paraplegia Before and After


DBS Success: Polio Survivor & Physical Therapist 

Treating CMT with DBS: Alexis's Story


Charcot Marie Tooth Before and After

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