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Adjustable RevoFit Socket

RevoFit Delivers the Right Fit the First Time

We adjust our belts, our mirrors, our seats. We tie our shoes. We even adjust our beds. But today’s amputees receive rigid orthotic and prosthetic devices where fit and comfort can only be changed with a complicated system of socks or having providers re-fit the device again, and again, and again. These uncomfortable devices lead to poor compliance and patient outcomes. We must do better, and we can.


              Let's Adjust!

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Click. Adjust. Go.

With two fingers and a twist, patients easily adjust the compression of their Click Medical O&P devices for improved fit and function, whenever they need to.

  • No need to remove clothing.

  • No excess office visits.

  • Providers are 3x more likely to deliver the correct fit the first time.


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RevoFit Patient Benefits


RevoFit Below Knee Socket




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