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My name is Lisa Jones, I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease in 2000. When I first met Jason Jennings while wearing AFOs, I was quickly losing my ability to walk independently or even stand without assistance. Jason assessed, evaluated and placed me in the best custom fit AFOs that fit my needs. To say that Jason helped me get my life back is an understatement. There is no price tag or word to express my gratitude. Jason continues to answer every call, text or email I send. Jason is not only outstanding in his field as an orthotist, he is fulfilling his calling and his purpose. My life is so much better today. I no longer feel hopeless when I think about the future, and that is all in part because of Jason Jennings. — Lisa Jones

Capstone O&P is the premier option for bespoke, boutique, and high-end orthotic care. Jason has created a one-of-a-kind dynamic bracing system that has allowed me to overcome my bout with polio and live life without limits... I played varsity football and basketball, I attended university at Texas A&M, and now I am off to Harvard to pursue a master's. I do not have to plan my life around a "disability" and I am more active, more fulfilled, and more vigorous than most of my colleagues thanks to the support ofImage of quotes symbol Capstone O&P and Jason's craftsmanship. — J.T. VAUGHN III



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